Sunday, 20 January 2013

2013 A New Start (To Blog or Not To Blog)

Hi, I kinda abandoned this blog over the Christmas period. Truthfully I could lie and say that I was super busy but that isn't entirely the truth. Yes I was really busy over the Christmas period and the months leading  up to the Holidays but in all truth I fell out of love with reading. Yes we all have reading slumps but I felt that the blog was getting in the way of what I wanted to read. This blog is mainly a YA blog and I found myself only reading those titles, when in truth I wanted to read all the adult titles that were coming out. In a way I feel like blogging was getting in the way of my reading.

Any way I realized that I really enjoyed blogging, I find it quite relaxing and find that I like having an input in the blogging world and the world of books. I guess this is my comeback post.

Anyway I know that I must change some things up so here is a list of what I want to do different this year:

Review Everything: I am going to review everything that I read on this blog, whether that be adult or YA. It is a blog about books after all.
Schedule: I want to have some kind of schedule so that I am not writing the post up the day they are posted. So far I've thought of doing a movie review on a Monday, doing a new feature on a Wednesday, having a book review on Thursday and Sunday and finally having so kind of feature on a new books on a Friday. I'm working out the fine tuning on the new feature and the new books feature.
Showcase Self Published: I've quite a bit of Self Published work over the last few months and I have to say I've enjoyed reading a lot of the books, so feel like sharing them.

So there you have I'm having a new start and hopefully I won't be having anymore breaks in the future.

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