Monday, 6 August 2012

Movie Monday: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I was completely surprised by this film, I'd never intended to see it and knew little about the film before I went in however I am glad I got to see it and it is a film that I want to watch again. I loved the film so much that I have gone out and bought the novel.

It was rather original and done in a way that even though you know what you watching isn't possible it still makes you think about it, when I came out the cinema I was like 'Wow, it really made me believe that it happened!', I know, I know but it was shot and edited so well that I actually did think that.

The acting was fantastic and I couldn't fault it, the character were interesting enough and I felt that the story was shown in a way that you could easily keep up and know what was going on.

I loved this film! I would recommend it for everyone, it has a mixture of horror in it as well, there were a couple of times I jumped when watching and I think that it added to the film.

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