Thursday, 12 July 2012


Diana Peterfreund
First Published: August 2009

Unicorns are not magical, sparkly creatures of fairy tale, but violent, venomous beasts that could only be killed by virgin girls descended from Alexander the Great and that were hunted to extinction more than a century ago—or so Astrid Llewelyn's mother always told her. Naturally, the 16-year-old is dismayed to learn that all but the last part is true. Like her ancestors, Astrid fits the criteria for a unicorn hunter, and her obsessed-with-glory mom sends her off to Italy to train for battle against the latest wave of unicorn attacks. The scientifically inclined Astrid is reluctant to enter this mysticism-laced world, but her interest is piqued by research into the Remedy, a panacea somehow connected to the unicorns.

I have never read a unicorn book before, and had this on my shelf for over a year before I actually sat down to read, I really wish that I hadn't waited. I really don't know how it took so long to read but I am glad that I did.

You really have to try with this book, I found the first 150 pages quite hard to get through if I am being honest, nothing really happened. You had a fantastic first chapter that sets the book up but then it went down hill. I was shocked by the words that Astrid was using, she sounded like an adult not a 16 year old teen, however this all died down when Astrid went to Italy. She seemed to change once she was a way from her mother. I didn't like the relationship with her mother that much to be honest. I felt that it was needed for the story but in all honestly I really had problems with Astrid's mother, it was as if she was living her dreams through Astrid and even though Astrid wanted no part in going to Rome her mother forced her and wanted her to be the best, it didn't matter what others thought Astrid had to be the best.

I really liked Astrid and her cousin Phil as characters, they really helped each other out and looked after one an other. I also liked the way that once Astrid arrived in Rome she had to develop her relationships and friendships with the other characters, I liked the way that there were no instant friendships. It made the story seem more real.

The central theme of the story centers around mythology and I really liked that, I liked the way Astrid found out more from the other characters. I liked the way in one chapter everything about Alexander the Great was explained it let you as the reader learn a little bit more about the history of the unicorns. I loved the fight scenes with the unicorns, I really enjoyed the fast paced action and the way it happened. I liked the twist about how not everything was as it seemed with the unicorns and how even the unicorns had factions within their own group.

Overall this was a fantastic read that I would recommend. It has lively characters, a home with a pet unicorn, fast paced plot and a little air of mystery that wills you to read more!

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