Monday, 9 July 2012

Movie Monday: The Amazing Spiderman

So I thought I would do something a little different and review a movie. I'm hoping that I will do this each week as I love watching movies. I may also review seasons of TV shows as well as I watch quite a bit TV,  loving Pretty Little Liars so much right now!

Anyway I went into this movie not knowing whether I wanted a reboot of the comic hero quite yet, and I left the cinema with a feeling that I still didn't know. I mean I enjoyed it, but it felt as though it was gearing up for something all the way through, and to be honest when stuff did start to happen it seemed to happen quickly and was over and done with.

The acting was great and I really liked Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spiderman, I think he did a great job. I loved Gwen, played by Emma Stone, so much however I feel that the casting wasn't perfect for the role, personally I felt someone like Dakota Fanning would have been better. The villain, the Lizard was quite tame to be honest, though I loved watching him transform.

The story isn't split into two like other editions of the story, we are actually taken along for the ride as Peter learns to use his skills for the first time, am a little divided about whether I liked this or not, while there wasn't much action like you would expect there was a lot of story. While there were quite a lot of answers I feel that there is still a lot more unsaid.

If you do see this movie try and see it in 3D, normally I am not a fan but it really worked for this film. It felt natural and continued the flow of the movie well. 

Overall I really enjoyed watching this and would watch it again, I also heard it's going to be a trilogy CAN NOT wait to see what happens next as it did leave on a cliffhanger. (HINT: Cliffhanger is in the credits at the end so don't leave til you see it!)

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