Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rant: Reading In Public

I spend quite a long time traveling, to and from the next city over. While I am on the train I tend to read, normally this is no problem yet the past couple of times I've gotten my kindle or book out I have had people comment. This wouldn't be a problem if the person seemed interested in what I was reading however I have found that most people have a rather negative tone is asking what the book is. I even had someone ask me why I was reading the book I was, (Hunger Games) and why was I not reading this other book that she thought was so, so much better.

 This has in some ways put me off reading on the commute, I know I shouldn't feel like I'm being judged but it really annoyed me that someone can take the time out to comment on what I am reading.

There are also the people that feel the need to ask you every question under the sun about the book you are reading. An example of this happened last week when I was reading Rampant by Diana Petefreud, I got asked what the book was called, what it was about, who the characters were, where is was set, what part was I up to and if it had any sex in it? When I told the person what it was about they said they weren't interested in it and left, sorry but if I'm telling you about it atleast take some interest, after all it was YOU who asked me!

I shouldn't feel as though I am going to get judged each time I read on public transport. People should assume that because I am reading means they can ask me every question under the sun. I respect others privacy so why can't they respect mine?


  1. Interesting post. I don't actually read in public too often. But if I were in your same position, I'd be annoyed too. What gives people the right to question what you are reading? And just because you think one book is so much better than others, doesn't necessarily mean that other people will like it too. Nice post!

  2. Interesting. I am not in a postion where I commute regularly but I have taken the train in and out of London many times during rush hour. Loads of people read on those trains; whether it be a magazine, paper book, on a Kindle or iPad. London trains are known for their silence and nobody asks anybody anything. Therefore, I have read on the train so many times, espcially when I am by myself. I guess location is everything.

  3. I read often when I'm commuting which is regularly when its term time in uni and can only think of one time when someone really annoyed me. I was reading my kindle and the font isn't small and these two young boys decide to stick their heads through the gap on the train seats and start reading my book aloud. I was so annoyed but just quietly moved my kindle away. They then got really grumpy and started playing with my hair (creepy anyone?) so they enjoyed a nice little bit of abuse from me :) People can be so rude on the train but my biggest pet peeve is being distracted or interrupted when I'm reading. Drives me utterly bonkers.