Thursday, 14 June 2012

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a meme that asks you a question. I haven't participated in this before but I found the question interesting so thought that I would participate in it this week.

Have you ever bought a book, started reading it and then realised you have already read it? If so, how far did you get?

Now this hasn't actually happened to me, I normally remember if I've read a book or not, some time I can even still tell you about it for ages afterwards. However I did start reading Fallen again and even though I knew what was coming and when I even roughly remembered how much of the book I'd read previously I re read everything. I still didn't like the book but I'm in the process of writing a blog post about it so don't want to comment to much on here.

As I read more books I do see myself doing this more and more.


  1. Hmm, reading a book over that you didn't enjoy...sounds like something I might do.

    I have had some books on my stacks for awhile, and when I start reading, I can tell I started them before, but didn't finish them.

    On the second read, I sometimes like them; sometimes not.


  2. This hasn't happened to me yet but having a blog and using goodreads really does help me with tracking what books I've read :)

  3. That sucks when even the second time you read a book you still don't like it.