Monday, 30 April 2012

What I'm Reading

So I am rereading the entire series and am currently up to this one, I'm enjoying more this time around than I ever have in the past. Although I always see this book as being the weakest in the series. I don't know maybe it suffers from Second Book Syndrome, a lot of series do! I'm hoping to finish this in a couple of days and can't wait to get onto the next book. There won't be a review of this book as I believe every has been said on this series before.

I plan on starting this tonight as it is a book I am borrowing, I really enjoyed the first one when I read it last month and can't wait to get back into the world. I know the first one was a little slow in places however I liked the pace and think it helped the first book so I'm looking forward to finding out more. Really looking forward to finding out more about Ky and see what happens with Xander and Cassie.

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