Friday, 6 April 2012

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Q: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

I don't think I would to be honest, however even if I have seen a couple of bad reviews for a book and thought I'd still maybe like the plot I would still buy it. Though I wouldn't say that was down to the bad review, it just made me more aware of the book.


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  3. Too true! Unless I really want to read the book, a bad review won't make me read the book itself!

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  4. I've done it :) and ended up loving the book! You never know how you'll feel - although if EVERYONE hates it, you may not want to pick it up. :)

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  5. Great post!! If a book gets really bad reviews I won't buy it..but I will possibly check it out from the library!!

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  7. I like how you said that it would make you more aware of the book. That's the thing, whether or not the recognition from a review that is either good or bad, the book is still getting recognition and is coming across people's radar when it otherwise might not be. Sometimes, I've really been curious and have read books that other's have written bad reviews for because I wanted to know why for myself and have actually ended up liking them. More over, it's about giving something a chance despite the review status and what other's might think of it.

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  8. Yeah, tastes differ after all, right? :)

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  10. I tend to ignore reviews if a book has good and bad. After all, it's all about taste. But if a book has loads of bad reviews, it makes me curious and I might read it. Thanks for stopping by. Returning the favour.

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