Thursday, 29 March 2012


An eighteen-year-old stonecutter who is caught in the middle of political conflict in Florence, Italy, in the early 1500s, must flee for his life in disguise because his has become the best-known face and figure in Florence.

I thought I would love this book because it is historical fiction and I love a little bit historical fiction but this book just couldn't keep my entertained. Everything was promising as well I loved the plot and thought that it would make me want to read more but it didn't, I couldn't even finish the book. I really wanted to and hoped that it would get better but it just never did, I can't even think of one thing that was wrong with the book, just that I found it repeatable and boring.

The story focuses on Gabriele, who goes to Florence to seek out his milk-brother the artist Michelangelo, he knows nothing of the different fractions of Florence, or even anything about politics and soon finds that it is not as easy as he thought to live in the city. He gets robbed on his first night and has no where to go, this is where he finds that with his good looks a lot of women and men find him attractive and will take him in for a night or so. From then we find out about the statue David and how Gabriele came to be the model for the statue, we also find out ALOT about politics and I mean alot, most of the book is about meetings in secret and finding out about the other political groups of the city.

I found the characters to be rather confusing, most of them had similar names and it felt that you were introduced to a new character every chapter or so. On a whole the I just didn't enjoy the book, I really wanted to but found that I was dragged into the story in the way I hoped to be, the plot and story do have redeeming features but the whole secret meeting happening every night and nothing really happening in them kind of got to me, I didn't understand why they were there? 

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