Friday, 3 February 2012

Follow Friday

Q: Define what characteristics your favorite books share. Do they all have a kick ass heroine or is the hot love interest the Alpha Male?

Oh, this is such a hard question, I like a lot of different books and for lots of different reasons. I kinda thing one thing in common is that mostly all my favourite book have a witty character and this is an essential. Also I suposse I do like a strong lead, I can't deal with people that are just walked over, it really does annoy me to the point that I want to put the book down.


  1. Hi! New follower. Yes, whiny characters that get pushed around are a bit wee annoying!

  2. New follower from blog hop! I totally agree with you on the strong lead! Here is my FF if you'd like to follow back:

  3. Interesting answer. Seems a lot of people are saying the same things about a lead character.

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  4. A main character who you actually enjoy reading about is definitely essential! Hope you have a great Friday :)

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  5. Totally! What fun would it be if the main character was crying half the time? Great answer! New follower from Follow Friday by the way! :)

  6. Witty characters are fun! Very often they are sidekick-character-types, like our main hero's BFF, but sometimes we get a witty MC, and it's so refreshing! (like for example in the book "Hold me closer, Necromancer).

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  7. I never thought of that but witty characters are awesome :)

    Great post!!

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  8. I love books with witty characters! Thanks for hopping by for FF!!

  9. I love witty characters too! Great answer. =)

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